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The city of Baden - Baden is known as a global spa resort. Baden - Baden is the smallest city in Baden-Wuerttemberg with just under 55,000 residents.

Baden-Baden has been a popular destination since Roman times. This is mainly an award of the hot mineral springs and the healing effects of mineral water. The Romans founded the city in three years as AD as a garrison town. Later you on average called the place simply Baden. The origin of the name goes back to 1112, when Hermann Zährigen called themselves the Margrave of Baden. 1353 religious differences split the Margrave of Baden and it was divided into two states: Baden-Baden for the Catholics and Baden-Durlach for the Evangelists. 1738 Baden - Baden was reunited by Karl Friedrich von Baden-Durlach. In the Second World War the city suffered little damage but many buildings are still standing. However, it was torn down a lot. If you are visting Baden-Baden, you can also visit the beautiful city Karlsruhe that is located very close.

Today Baden-Baden is known as the city of German spas and well-frequented casino. Visit Baden - Baden and experience the beautiful landscape of Baden - Baden, by renting cheap private rooms and apartments in Baden-Baden on

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Baden-baden sightseeing

The Kurhaus was designed by the architect Friedrich Weinbrenner in the 19th Century in the classical style. The white building consists of three parts. The central building was built in 1821-1823 with eight columns supported vestibule. The hall, located behind it, served first as a Conversation house and is now used for social events. The left wing was built 1912-1917 and designed by town planner August Stürzenacker. There are the lobby, restaurants and sumptuously furnished lounges. The right wing was built 1853-1854 to the world famous casino. The magnificent halls of the casino are in the style of French royal palaces of the 17th and 18 Century standard, the White Hall in the style of Louis XVI. The Red Room was equipped along the lines of the Versailles palace. The Salon Pompadour is based on the equipment of the Trianon Palace set up and the Green Room is decorated with the coat of arms of Baden cities.
The Trinkhalle
The Trinkhalle was built on the plans Hübsch Heinrich, a student of Friedrich Weinbrenner, in 1839-1842 on the right of the Kurhaus. 16 Corinthian columns support the 90 m long open porch, in which guests can view the 14 murals strolling. The images bring the so-called legends of the Trinkhalle and were designed by Jakob Götz Berger, a contemporary of Moritz von Schwind. They represent scenes from the history and hold destinations in the vicinity.

If you prefer to enjoy the view from the lobby, you can see the sight of the Kaiser Avenue, the monument to Kaiser Wilhelm I, and the delight of the Oos Oos located directly at the Hotel Europäischer Hof.
The castle Hohenbaden (Old Castle)
The castle Hohenbaden was built as the first seat of the Margrave of Baden on the western slope of the Battert-rock in 1102. In time of Markgraf Bernhard the Gothic Unterburg was built and then extended again by the Marquis James. In his heyday, the castle had 100 rooms. End of the 16th Century it was destroyed by fire. Only after 1830 the ruins were structurally secured. From the tower you have a magnificent view over Baden-Baden and a great distant view of the Rhine valley and the Vosges. Of particular interest is the romantic courtyard and the tower, you can climb. The Knights' Hall is currently the largest wind harp in Europe. Near the castle you can find a little, in the woods hid Bernhardus Chapel that is free with a relic of the Marquis Bernard II
The visit of the castle is free. A beautiful walk leads from the city to the old castle, but it is also accessible by car.
The New Castle
The New Castle was owned by the Margrave family, was unoccupied since 1923 and stood for several years for sale, because the necessary remediation and restoration work couldn't be done. The house of Baden auctioned most of the inventory and delivered 77.6 million DM. In October 2003 it became the property of a Kuwaiti group and will be converted to an exceptional luxury hotel.
Even from the outside the facility with a three-storey main lock, the Remisenbau, the Kitchen and the archive tower (all 16th century), and the cavalier house in the Courtyard (1709), that can be entered by a stretch of the west gatehouse of the 15th Century, impresse. A castle garden with rare plants and trees border the New Castle from the east.

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